The Blue & Gold Yearbook staff is comprised of over 50 individuals who design, produce, market, and distribute the book. Financially self-sufficient, the organization earns revenue from yearbook without aid of grants or outside funding. The Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC student government) formally sponsors the organization and provides it with office space.

Leadership Team


Editors-in-Chief, Presidents: Flora Kwon and Tori Tan

Managing Editors: Jason Vazquez and Yesenia Delgado

Business Operations Managers: Alyssa Tang

Board Members

Copy Editor: Mikaela Luke

Design Editor: Minette Tsang

Photo Editor: Jonny Le  

Athletics Editor: Morgan Robertson 

Seniors Director: Alyssa Tang

Clients Director: Albert Wang

Marketing Director: Tony Vien

Internal Activities Chair: Roxy Shojaie

Tech Chair: Sara Rush